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Kesineni Travels
       Kesineni Travels was started on February 1, 1992 by Srinivas Kesineni, Kesineni Travels is one of the largest service provider of intercity bus transportation, Kesineni Travels has a bus fleet of 120 buses serving more than 75 destinations with about 425 schedules daily in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Under the able leadership of Kesineni Srinivas who was well supported by his grandfather died Sri Kesineni Venkaiah, the first and main bus operator in Andhra Pradesh since 1928 Kesineni Travels became an icon provide safe and affordable luxury travel around 15 lakh people every year. Kesineni is one of the most recognized and reputable brands in South India. Kesineni Cargo Carriers offers value at a price of overnight package delivery to all its destinations. Kesineni delivers sooner than any other carrier in the industry.

Online Booking  Kesineni Travels
            In Kesineni Travel passenger may now make reservations via the Internet. The Check fare page of the company website has a search box to provide details of the trip, such as age, the traveler's name, boarding terminal, destination, email and bus schedule . After providing the necessary information, the information available on the bus are visible, then the reservation can be made. Once the reservation is completed, a confirmation will be sent to the email address provided. It's a good thing for those who can not visit the office of the company to make reservations in person.

Cancellation Policy Kesineni Travels

      Cancellation Time                                                 Refund
Between 0-1 hrs of bus start time                                        0%
Between 1-2 hrs of bus start time                                       70%
Between 2-3 hrs of bus start time                                       80%
Above 3 hrs of bus start time                                             90%

*Partial Cancellation Is Allowed In Kesineni Travels

Contact Details Kesineni Travels

Branch Office Address Branch Office Directions

Kesineni's #1-124, Nizampet, Hyderabad-500072 
Andhra Pradesh,India.
Phone: 040 - 44771777 
Mobile:+919959 111 777